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No Strings
Exclusive Neutral Buoyancy Height Control Kits that are a series of adhesive backed tabs that can be applied before or after the balloon is inflated.  By simply removing the tabs from the balloon the weight can be adjusted until Neutral Buoyancy is achieved (the lift of the Helium is exactly counter balanced by the weight of the balloon) and it will hover in mid-air simulating Zero-gravity.    Contents: 1-Balloon NEUTRAL BUOYANCY Height Control kit     (Enough for two 17 inch Hearts, Stars, or Round Balloons     or one Junior Shape.) Instructions Balloons Not Included Contents: 2-Balloon NEUTRAL BUOYANCY Height Control Kits     (Enough for four 17 inch Hearts, Stars, or Round Balloons,     two Junior Shapes, or one Large Super Shape.) Instructions Balloons Not Included NEW
“No Strings Attached” WeightPacs
“No Strings Attached” WeightPac  INSTRUCTIONS
Download “No Strings Attached” WeightPac Instructions here.
“No Strings Attached”   WeightPacs
Only $3.49 each
Item # 1001
Includes 1 WeightPac
Only $5.99 each
Item # 1002
Includes 2 WeightPacs
Download SUPER SAUCER WeightPac Instructions here. Download SPACE PET WeightPac Instructions here.
Enough for 2   18” balloons!
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These String-less Balloon Weights, Mylar balloon weights, foil balloon weights are helium balloon Weights that you can use to easily make balloons float or fly at any height you wish!
All toys are sold without Helium and are subject to availability.