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Below is just a sampling of the wonderful comments made to us by our very happy customers. We take great pride in our Superior Customer Service.  We know things go wrrong.  Mail gets lost, the balloon won’t float... You didn’t get the Billy Goat... Call us or email us... We really do care!  We want you to enjoy your complete customer  experience and it shows in the unsolicited reviews we have received practically raving about how much fun our toys  are and their gratitude for the quick, courteous, knowledgeable and effective Customer Service they received from us.
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Below are a few ENTERTAINING STORIES of people interacting with their Space Pets.
“No Strings Attached”
Testimonials about Fantastic Floatables revolutionary new, Space Pets, Super Saucers, String-less Balloons, Mylar balloons, foil balloons, party balloons, helium balloons, neutral buoyancy balloons and anti-gravity toys that you can easily set to float or fly at any height you wish!
Therapeutic  Testimonials Our Customers are the greatest!  We think our toys are amazing fun and our customers agree, describing  them as the “HIT” of the party, WOW, Awesome, a big “HIT”, mostly saying that they LOVE our toys and had  a lot of FUN with them.  Definitely worth reading if you’re unsure if you should try one. Below are examples of the many endorsements by professionals in Child Development. Fantastic Floatables are an excellent motivational device for Special Needs and Autistic Children.
All toys are sold without Helium and are subject to availability.
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