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These String-less Heart Balloons, Star Balloons, and Round Balloons, Mylar balloons, foil balloons, party balloons, helium balloons, are neutral buoyancy balloons that can easily be set to float or fly at any height you wish!
People Weekly: "The Super Saucer didn't get its name for nothing-Indeed the wondrous saucer hovers between floor and ceiling, bobs and weaves with air currents, follows bodies, and survives up to four weeks." Entrepreneur Magazine: "In 1978 we wrote the first story about the Mylar balloons and watched the tremendous success entrepreneurs enjoyed selling them. THIS PRODUCT IS EVEN MORE FASCINATING....WE BELIEVE YOU CAN MAKE A LOT OF MONEY WITH IT." The Post-Review:  "Space Pet Proves to be Popular"  "The Space Pet was left to inhabit our office.  Immediately the "Pet" was adopted by all in the office.  The "Pet" was also named "Lucy" by the editor in chief." ST. PAUL DISPATCH: "Things began looking up last week when two flying saucers suddenly appeared over the heads of the newsroom staff at the St. Paul Dispatch. The saucers, marketed under the name SUPER SAUCER, caused quite a stir among Dispatch reporters who abandoned their typewriters and computer terminals in favor of watching the objects drift over the city desk. At first scowling at the commotion, one senior editor was seen playing with a saucer in the privacy of his office." THE ROCHESTER POST: "It floated, it dodged, it followed her around, “everybody was stumped until they looked closely at the bottom where it said SUPER SAUCER a product of FANTASTIC FLOATABLES. No it wasn't an interstellar visitor it was David Bergmann's way of bringing out the six year old in us." MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE:  " What he has is a toy that hovers. It'll hover at eye level, at knee level, or whatever level you want. It'll follow you around and drift through your house, just sort of hanging around in mid-air, Some say their SUPER SAUCERS have personalities. You wouldn't believe how many people name them." THE BURNSVILLE CURRENT: "Every eye in a local restaurant was drawn to the two FLOATABLES released during a conversation with a reporter there." THE ARKANSAS NEWS OBSERVER: The SUPER SAUCER was hovering near her head, "patting me on the face," she remembered. "Spot," as they have come to call the saucer "He's just like a little pet," . Mrs. Harbin said. "We refer to it as male." He has also become quite attracted to Mrs. Harbin. "He follows me everywhere," she said. "He drifts along right over my head. "It's just a fun thing," she said. "It's more of a toy than a flying saucer. We've just had gobs of fun with it." Souvenirs and Novelties Magazine:  "There exists little doubt that these entities will be longevous-  A smashing novelty entitled the FANTASTIC FLOATABLE." Stern Magazine:  Germany,  “Ein UFO Furs Wohnzimmer ist der grosse Spie/zeug-Erfo/g in Amerika.” Trans. This UFO for the living room is a great toy achievement in America.
Newspaper Articles 
FANTASTIC FLOATABLES   were awarded First Prize at the Minnesota Inventors Congress and won the Brady McSwigan trophy at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Exposition in New Orleans, LA.
FANTASTIC FLOATABLES capture the hearts and imaginations of all who experience them, resulting in world wide recognition of this truly novel toy for the entire family. The following are just a few excerpts from the many kind articles written about FANTASTIC FLOATABLES. Notice the reoccurring themes of fascination, amazement, and fun expressed by the reporters.
“These were freaking awesome in every way!” ~  Benjamin J Noble
All toys are sold without Helium and are subject to availability.