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FANTASTIC FLOATABLES are not ordinary balloons. They are “HIGH TECH” Helium Inflatables and are easily a THOUSAND times more FUN than any tethered balloon, because they use a unique "No Strings Attached"  (Patented) balloon weight control system instead of a string. You control the height at which they float by simply removing or adding the adhesive backed weights attached to the FLOATABLE, each tab will raise or lower the "FLOATABLE" one to two feet, so the owner can program the “FLOATABLE” to hover in mid-air at any desired height. allowing FANTASTIC FLOATABLES to float, spin or hover freely wherever they wish. FANTASTIC FLOATABLES are so sensitive that the subtle air movement generated by a person's body heat will cause it to move, cruising from room to room, roaming through hallways, even traveling up and down stairs on available air currents!  This amazing characteristic is responsible for their incredible "habit" of following or finding people.   FANTASTIC FLOATABLES often act and move about in such a logical and deliberate way, that people become so attached to them that they name them and even talk to them! FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!!! Children can hardly contain their excitement when they see a FANTASTIC FLOATABLE for the first time. Their eyes light up with delight and their faces are filled with wonder.  FANTASTIC FLOATABLES  captivate a child's attention,  providing quality entertainment and stimulating their imaginations for weeks on end.  Whether it’s playing Hide "N" Seek with a "Space Pet", flying an out of this world Flying Saucer, we guarantee that this is one toy they won’t be able to put down... FANTASTIC FLOATABLES extraordinary qualities gives them universal appeal. Young and old alike are amazed and fascinated by their enchanting aerial antics. FANTASTIC FLOATABLES are fun for everyone. They’re not just for kids. Grandpa and Grandma and Mom and Dad will think they’re cool too.  They really are a toy that's fun for the whole family!
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THE “PET” BALLOON THAT FOLLOWS YOU!!! Lets play! Psychiatrists and teachers of the mentally and physically challenged have lavished praise on this device as being unequalled by any toy they have ever used in therapy. Never before have they seen both children and adults respond with the same enthusiasm to a single item. They claim that FANTASTIC FLOATABLES have an almost hypnotic calming effect on adults, and that they are excellent therapeutic companions for shut-ins and the elderly. They also say that FANTASTIC FLOATABLES hold the interest of children long after they have become bored with other toys and that FANTASTIC FLOATABLES are the favorite choice of children even when there are hundreds of other more expensive toys to choose from. A creation of FANTASTIC FLOATABLES and the result of 5 years of research and development,  FANTASTIC FLOATABLES SUPER SAUCERS and “SPACE PETS” are the ultimate in Helium Powered Inflatables... you control how high it flies THERAPEUTIC Finally...  A toy that’s good for you! FANTASTIC FLOATABLES  Zero-G toys are unique.  Most people have never ever seen anything like them before now!  A High Tech balloon, they are one of the coolest toys on the planet and “The next stage in Balloon Evolution.”  In fact, FANTASTIC FLOATABLES are the first Helium filled balloons that don’t need to be tied to keep them from floating away, since balloons were first invented over 185 years ago.   FANTASTIC FLOATABLES are the ORIGINAL and are ONLY available through us or our distributors. Waaa!
Fantastic Floatables Zero G Space Pet Balloons and Super Saucer flying saucers are some of the coolest Neutral Buoyancy toys around.  A revolutionary amusement device that simulates anti- gravity in outer space  and floats in mid- air like magic!!  They last for weeks and are refillable.  They don't need batteries, move under their own power, and with the "No Strings Attached" balloon weight control system (Patent pending) you can easily set them to fly at any height you wish!    Even little kids can control them.  There is nothing else like them on Earth.  Absolutely "No Strings Attached".   You have never experienced anything like this before,.. Guaranteed!! 
These String-less Balloons, Mylar balloons, foil balloons, party balloons, helium balloons, are neutral buoyancy toys that can easily be set to float or fly at any height you wish!
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“No Strings Attached” WE ACCEPT PAYPAL
A revolutionary New STRING-LESS Balloon  that simulates Zero-Gravity in Outer Space and HOVERS in Mid-air like Magic!! FANTASTIC FLOATABLES "No Strings Attached" WeightPac is a simple, but INNOVATIVE invention that turns ordinary Mylar balloons, also called Foil balloons, into amazing free floating Neutral Buoyancy Toys.  Every balloon you buy can serve a dual purpose.  Use it first as a colorful party decoration tied to a string, then remove the string and apply the WeightPac turning the balloon into a real ZERO-GRAVITY TOY whose aerial antics will amaze young and old alike.  Instead of a boring balloon just gathering dust tied to a chair for weeks after the party, they provide weeks of fascinating entertainment for the entire family.  You can experience the weightlessness of  Outer Space in your own living-room as they hover, tumble and spin in mid-air. Imagine a brightly colored object FLOATING, HOVERING, and FLYING throughout your home, going up and down stairs, traveling from room to room, then mysteriously vanishing from sight only to suddenly reappear somewhere else, acting as if it were alive and knowing what it was doing. If you can, you are beginning to understand what FANTASTIC FLOATABLES Anti-Gravity toys are all about, but they are so much more...