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F antastic Floatables Revolutionary Zero G Space Pet Balloons and Super Saucers are the Worlds first Neutral Buoyancy toys.  An amazing Anti Gravity toy that simulates the weightlessness in outer space and hovers in mid-air like magic!!  These String-less Balloons, Mylar balloons, Helium balloons, Foil balloons and Party Balloons move under their own power, and with the "No Strings Attached" Neutral Buoyancy Control system (Patent pending) you can easily set them to fly at any height you wish!  Even little kids can control these cool anti gravity balloons.  There are no other Neutral Buoyancy Toys on The Planet.  Absolutely "No Strings Attached".  You have never experienced a balloon like this before,.. Guaranteed!!  You won't believe your eyes!  Play games, perform tricks.  Amaze your friends!  Fun for all ages.
Fantastic Floatables have Universal appeal!  Kids and Adults are Equally Fascinated by their Aerial Antics.  Often referred to as the “Hit of the Party” in comments and reviews.  Fantastic Floatables are Guaranteed to add that “WOW” Factor to any indoor event!  Below are snipets and examples of the many kind Customer reviews found on our Testimonials Page; or click on the reviews below.
The “HIT” of the Party!! SUPER FUN for EVERY ONE! Hey Mikey...  I THINK THEY LIKE IT! THE NEXT STEP IN BALLOON EVOLUTION!!! Adds That “WOW” Factor to your event!
“No Strings Attached”
WE ACCEPT PAYPAL All toys are sold without Helium and are subject to availability.